Nate Miller is a handyman and nature photographer. He started to focus on his art more than a decade ago while caring for his father in his native Ohio. Now he enjoys photographing flowers in the mountains of his home state, North Carolina.

“I don’t really consider myself a true artist because to me an artist is someone who makes something from nothing, who paints something or sculpts something or chisels away something — or makes music. I’m rather an interpreter, seeking to reveal that which transpires behind that which appears.

“When I’m photographing, I’m in the moment. I’m not thinking about anything. I want to capture just that moment, something that’s even beyond what I’m looking at. Because the moment is beyond everything and also includes everything, it can allow each of us to see things in an extraordinary way. It’s the presence of the Now. Because that’s where I am; I’m not thinking. So the image is just a vehicle for that, a visual meditation to transport you into the present moment. Maybe that shift into a deeper appreciation of the Now through nature will inspire people to see other things in life from a deeper place.

“Working at the macro level really started off out of necessity because the camera I had at the beginning was not high enough quality for landscape photography. It had an excellent macro setting, so that’s what I started to do and then it was like, ‘Wow! This is really amazing.’ For me, macro photography is more conducive to that meditative stillness and being in the Now than the landscape perspective, where there is a lot going on. And yet, at the macro level, we find the flower has its own landscape with the same forms we see repeating throughout nature. We find that the flower itself is the whole world.”

Visit Nate Miller Nature Photography on CafePress to buy select pieces of art on various household items, including laptop skins, phone cases, organic t-shirts and more. Follow Nate on Facebook.

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All images © Nathaniel  J. Miller 2011

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